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 Our Philosophy: "Our Customers are our family."
There's no doubt that La Nova wings are a favorite in the town that created the Buffalo wing craze. Although La Nova Wings started their climb in 1994 to become a 30 million dollar a year business, the business really started as an argument between CEO Joey Todaro and his father many years earlier. Joey wanted his own identity. Dad finally gave his blessings and the rest is history. La Nova is the only company specifically dedicated to the pizza operator with wing solutions and marketing ideas to make wings an easy and profitable transition. La Nova has no doubt lead the industry towards wings. After all, it was the competition that followed La Nova, not the other way around. Now, La Nova wings are supplied by more than 500 distributors internationally. They can even be found in local Buffalo grocery stores. To help cement the La Nova name in the minds of customers and to satisfy their desire to enjoy the same great tasting wings at home, La Nova launched a line of signature sauces to go with the wings. They sell the sauces both at their stores and in grocery stores. Everything the Todaros have done seems to have been successful. How can one family have so much success? Is it really true that nothing creates success like success, or is it that the fanatic power of caring can create one success after another? "Watch the pie, and the rest will take care of itself." - Joe Todaro.

 Try the Sauces that made us famous!
 NEW! Hot & BBQ Boneless wings!

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